Various floors have different needs depending on the establishments such as a hospital, manufacturing, industrial, schools, as well as residential. Slips and falling are the major accidents for numbers in a different workplace and in homes. For homes, mothers are a concern on the safety of their children they do not want them to slip on the floor. For the company, employers are responsible for the protection of their employees. There are different anti-slip coatings such as paint for different floors such as metal, concrete, and wood floor. In this way, we will know the kind of anti-slip coating paint needs to apply on each floor.

As the owner of home and business, they need to make sure the walkways, stairs, and paths are safe. Especially, for the company, it is important for a business owner, who can be bothered by personal injury claims if disregarded on their properties leads to injury. 

Below information that will provide which anti-slip coating solution right for the floor.


Guarantees the safety also has other added benefits. For example, water and dirt repellent, it is easy to clean. With different colors that can contribute to safety such as bright Yellow to improve visibility on steps or factory floor zones. The anti-slip paint for concrete available as premixed and separate coating and additive system. This anti-slip paint is usable for Factory floors, Parking Lots, Commercial Floors and concrete stairs.


Usually, two components coating system. Anti-slip paint with additional anti-slip rubber beads or granular substance that roughens the components. Metal anti-slip paint is easy to clean, basically, it is odorless, resistant to chemicals and can able to mechanical loads. This anti-slip coatings for metal are also a premixed substance that includes an anti-slip additive. This is can be used in offshore decks and platforms, Metal stairs, Galleries, and bridges.


There is an applicable coating substance for different types of wood for hard and soft, with a subtle particle or heavy grade that roughening aggregates. Other coatings also give added weather and mold protection for wooden substances. This coating is available in premixed and post-mixed systems that are available as opaque and clear anti-slip paint. This use for Bridges, Decking, stairs, and boat decks.

Importantly, whatever coating it may use for the floor it is still essential to keep the safety for everyone. There are also other ways that need to keep the floor from slip such as keeping the building or homes clean. If there is a wet area provide a sign like ‘slippery floors’ and needs to clean up as soon as possible. In this way, people will notify anyone passes by to be cautious on their steps. 

All in all, safety is essential that everyone must always aware where ever they are. Here are at stain steamer provide your needs to have a safer floor residential and commercial. They offer different professional service that will cater to the needs of the customers. Call and experience the best service you can have at an affordable price.