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Whole House Carpet Steamed Cleaned - Just $99

Many homes still have carpet in south Florida. Even though many houses are going to tile throughout, it is still common to see carpet in bedrooms. Keeping up with the maintenance of your carpet will dictate how many years you will get out of this investment. Regular steam cleanings is the easiest way to ensure the long life of rugs and carpet. It is quite easy when it is completed by a professional like Stain Steamers Broward. Our technicians are highly qualified and ready to assist you in your carpet cleaning needs. We have a special rate through the internet so mention this site and claim your discount today!

We specialize in stairs, move ins, move outs, large area rugs, all types of carpet, as well as commercial carpets! Our fleet of over a half a dozen truck mounted with the same amount of portable units, we are prepared to make your carpets look clean again! Condominiums are not an issue for our team; our portable carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful units available for commercial purchase.


Carpet Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

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No job is too small or too big for Stain Steamers Broward, so call us today to get your carpets steamed!

Stain Steamers Broward offers the most competitive carpet steaming rates in all of south Florida. We will beat any competitors price and deliver a superior result from our techniques. Not all carpet cleaning companies in Fort Lauderdale are the same, our testimonials speak for themselves and our proven methods have lasting results. If you need your home, office, or business carpet steam clean call the Pros at Stain Steamer Broward TODAY!


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In Broward County, especially areas like Weston, tile and grout throughout the homes is very common. What is uncommon is a home owner cleaning all of this grout on a regular basis. Without the proper equipment and solutions, it is near impossible to clean grout in between bricks laid in a Sunrise home. Our team of expert grout and tile cleaners, we have the knowledge and experience to get any grout clean! You can see our photos here how well we are able to clean grout and polish these tiles. It is amazing how well old tile and grout looks after a professional cleaning from Stain Steamers.

Grout Stain Removal - Starting at $0.25 per sq Ft

There are many different kinds of tile that we work on. If it is a natural or even manufactured stone, we have the ability to clean and polish it. Only when you have the right tools are you able to get deep into the cleaning process! You will see with Stain Steamers, we have the best solutions for the most efficient jobs! Furthermore, our prices will beat any competitor in south Florida!

Tile & Natural Stone Polishing - From $.25 per sq/ft

Tile Cleaning Fort Lauderdale


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This is one of the largest divisions of our Stain Steamer business. Upholstery cleaner in Broward county is a title we hold near and dear to our heart. A lot of residents as well as business owners realize the importance of keeping your furniture upholstery clean and without allergens. Did you know your sofa and love seat can carry just as many allergens as the carpet you walk on? It is real. Most people never ever clean their upholstery until they have an accident on it and a stain is left. Stain removal on upholstery is tricky and if you do it incorrect the stain can be embedded for life! Our high powered machines and super hot steam release and remove odors, stains, allergens and discoloration from your furniture. The life will be brought back within the first treatment, but do recognize if you have not treated your upholstery before it might take several treatments to complete the task!

Sofa and Love Seat Steam Clean Combo - $89


Stain Steamers Broward is ready to come out and clean all of your furniture upholstery and help you live a less allergenic life! If you own pets, upholstery cleaning one of the most important ways to keep both you and your pets allergy free. Give us a call today and we will discuss your deep steam cleaning needs!

Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Carpets are very good when it comes to adding decoration to your commercial or office space. You will find high quality carpets in most of the residential and office spaces all over the world. The pricing of rugs and carpets range from the ludicrous to the cheapest ones. This explains why you need an excellent carpet maintenance service to preserve and take good care of your rugs and carpets and significantly increase their durability. Most of the rug cleaning services are well known for the use of steam cleaning. the popularity of this technique continues to increase with the current advancements in technology. People continue to search for the best services that will deliver the best in terms of quality.

The steam carpet cleaning solutions offer services that significantly increase the beauty and life span of your carpet. However, you have to identify the service that will give you the best when it comes to steam cleaning your carpets. The professionals undergo thorough training in the best carpet cleaning practices that use scientific ways of removing both soft and hard stains without scraping off the fabric from your carpet. These techniques are very tough on stains but soft on your fabrics. It is the best treatment that you can give to your valuable assets like carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners will remove all stains from the fabric and leave your rug looking as if you have just unwrapped it from the store for the first time. the colors of your carpet will remain new and vibrant and the lifespan of the carpet will increase with a few years. In case the carpet is worn out, you can still rely on these professional to cold water dye it. The cleaning professionals will give you an assurance of satisfaction which is not just an over the phone verbal guarantee. They give customers a written guarantee because they understand their work well and possess a certified training on cleaning and restoring carpets. You can rely on this high level of expertise for the best results ever.

Most of them employ steam cleaning in their approach to cleaning your carpet. There are several advantages of steam cleaning of dry cleaning of carpets and any other fabrics. The technique makes the carpet to look cleaner and dry faster. The pressure from the steam will force out even the smallest dust particles and eliminates the stains with a lot of ease and this is not evident in any other process. It is the best way to remove any form of stubborn stains that wont budge without some form of coaxing to the carpet. These professionals have the right tips to handle any form of carpet cleaning task.

I have seen some carpet cleaning steam cleaning experts who go ahead to give you a complimentary bottle of the hair stain remover. The substance is basically a secret chemical formulation that will eliminate the stain without removing the shine or color from the tufting. You can trust these carpet cleaning professionals with your prize antique and most expensive carpets. These people know their job well and understand the importance of carpets in any home. They will help you to preserve them and give them a new look each single year.

The truth of the matter is that the market has so many DIY kits for cleaning your rugs that you can handle on your own every single day. This can help you in maintaining the overall appearance of the carpet but nothing will beat the work of experts when it comes to undertaking a thorough cleaning on your carpets. In fact, you may think that the carpet that they have just cleaned has just arrived from the store. There is no need of damaging your valuable carpet and this will save you a lot of money and effort in the long run.

The other important thing to understand is where to begin when looking for the best carpet cleaning services. The first thing you need to understand is that you cannot just choose any company to handle your carpet cleaning job. You need a brand that has a proven track record of delivering quality when it comes to cleaning carpet. Nearly everyone who has a carpet has been using these services at some point in time. Be keen to ask for recommendations from friends and relatives who have been using these services. The will be able to give you those individuals who served them and exceeded their expectation.

Once you discover that you have come upon the right professional to clean your carpets, you need to go to their website and look at the ratings and reviews that previous customers have given to their services. Don’t choose any service that has a long list of complaints from existing customers. You could also enter the brand name in the Google search engine to see what is being said there. This will give you an exclusive opportunity to get objective views about the brand. Don’t assume any single statement that comes from a customer who has been using these services before you. This will give you some insights on how the firm handles it customers

The other important consideration is the kind of equipment that the brand has. A reputable company will invest in modern equipment as they produce high-end results. It can be very uneconomical for households to invest in this type of cleaning equipment because it only uses them once in a while. Choose a brand that has the right tools for the job. You will also want to bring the right skills on board if you are looking for the best skills. Call us at if you are looking for the best brand to handle your carpet cleaning assignment. We have high-end equipment and well-trained professionals to handle this task on your behalf.

Lastly, customer service is key when looking for the best carpet cleaning services. Look for a people who will stand by their word when serving their clients. There is no need to go for a cleaner who has so many sweet words but delivers nothing. The professionals should have a team that will handle you with a very high level of dignity. Since all or part of the work entails working in your home or office, you need a people who uphold a very high level of integrity. This will make sure that everything is your place of residence of office is safe. These tips will help you to understand the process of steam cleaning and choose the right professional for this work.


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Vinyl Composite Tiles are very popular in most commercial and industrial applications. In Broward County, Stain Steamers has services many businesses that have this VCT on the floor. The process of vinyl stripping and waxing is important for the lust and shine of the floor for the long haul. If businesses do not do this process on a regular basis, the floors life will be greatly decreased as the scuffs and grim gets too deep and too dark. Our commercial division allows us to service any project small or large, we work overnight or on weekends. The team is here to assist your business in its floor cleaning needs as they need it. We recommend two to three times per year full stripping of old wax, dirt, and grim and then a full layer of wax that must be properly polished into the vinyl. The finished look is stunning and absolutely worth it for the business appearance. Carpet Cleaning Oshkosh

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